Interactive Fluid Simulation

by Ramakrishnan Mohan

Realistic physics-based simulations are a great way to engage a user in a gestural interactive system. Nowadays we witness such systems in shopping malls that allow us to try on clothes virtually, or play games. Among such simulations, it has been found that interacting with fluids such as water has a calming effect. We wanted to replicate this feeling digitally as an interactive wall. Capturing how water moves using a finite element simulation of a water surface turned out to be an interesting challenge in our exploration.

In this post, we share some interesting results from this experiment in which we implement a fluid simulation system towards such a water surface that a user can play with, as well as a few alternative, colourful visualizations of disturbed viscous fluids. The interactions were effected using a Kinect2 and the visualizations were projected on a wall for an immersive effect as shown in the following videos.