We were happy to have Prashanth Balasubramanian of lastbit.io over at Pramati Chennai last weekend - 8th and 9th of Sep 2018 - for a workshop towards understanding blockchain tech from the ground up.

Summary of the agenda

The full agenda of the workshop is available on the events page.

On Day 1, Prashanth introduced the basics of Bitcoin and the cryptographic foundations in hashing functions and digital signatures. He did a code level walk through of how to built a blockchain from scratch in Java and also how to interact with the Bitcoin network using the bitcore-lib Node library.

On Day 2, Prashanth built on top of the day 1 session's foundation to dive deeper into Bitcoin (see the full agenda), showing various factors that need to be taken into account when considering applications built on top of it. He followed that with Ethereum and how it differs from Bitcoin, introducing participants to smart contracts using a lottery contract as an example.

Mixed Nuts at Pramati

We'd created the Mixed Nuts at Pramati meetup group recently and the two-day workshop was the first to be held as part of it. We currently have 94 members of the group, including Pramatians. About 25 attended the workshop in person with a few joining via WebEx.

We had trouble handling the WebEx session on day 1, but improved on it on day 2 and we'll be sharing the video recording links on the Pramati channel as well as on the events page.

Quotes from the meetup message board

Revathi Kannan: Really appreciate a session on BlockChain coding. Now, have a > better idea about hosting Blockchain applications.

shreebharath: Thanks prashanth for a great introduction into Blockchain and > Bitcoin was a really useful the examples used were easy for us to connect > with concepts. Thanks Srikumar for the opportunity it was a great learning > experience and look forward to the next session ...

A personal note

Prashanth and I had met at the IBC Hyderabad recently and chatted about the need for ground up education on blockchain tech. This workshop came about as a result of that conversation. Since Prashanth had the content ready, we were able to put this together at short notice. We thank Prashanth for making it happen and are looking forward to following through with further work.

I also thank the volunteers and support staff of Pramati who pitched in to ensure the smooth running of the workshop for the participants from start to finish. A special shout out to Vishwas for coordinating the activities.