The Imaginea Labs team is a bunch of explorers, tinkerers, engineers and designers who think at work at the edge. Much of our work involves building fluency with technologies that we expect to become staple down the road. This currently has machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and blockchain tech on our radar.

We manifest our work and learnings as open source code on and publications on the labs blog (i.e. here).

Some of our current initiatives are -

Machine learning

We work on problem statements derived from our customers' contexts. This approach has led us into document information extraction, prediction problems with skewed data (anomaly detection), image processing, NLP of various kinds, rule based systems including ontology based data processing, estimating model confidence and uncertainties, explainable AI, differentiable programming, probabilistic programming, weak supervision based data labeling approaches like Snorkel, and deployment tools such as MLFlow.

Design for AR/VR

As AR/VR tools and hardware continue to evolve, we're in need of solid design principles we can leverage to build effective experiences. So we study what works and what doesn't through experiments  and prototypes, try to understand how to control presence in VR in its various dimensions, and ... have fun along the way!

Partnership with Zagg Protocol

We've partnered with Zagg Protocol to build an open network for inter-enterprise asset exchange based on the Stellar network and protocol. Our work with Zagg is intended to be open sourced.

Read our press release on the partnership.